Animal House
(Comedy) (1978)
© 2000 by Raymond Weschler
Major Characters Eric Stratton ("Otter")..............Tim Matheson One of the "cool" leaders of the Delta fraternity (see plot summary). Donald Schoenstein ("Boon")..........Peter Riegert Otter’s best friend, who takes nothing in life seriously. Larry Kroger ("Pinto")...............Tom Hulce A gentle and shy new Delta fraternity member. Kent Dorfman ("Flounder")............Stephen Furst Pinto’s friend, who is "nerdy," overweight, and also a new member. Daniel Day ("D-Day").................Bruce McGill A crazy Delta member who loves to work with cars. Robert Hoover........................James Widdoes The always nervous President of the Delta House. John Blutarsky ("Bluto").............John Belushi A slightly crazy and loveable member of the fraternity who loves to drink and do amazing things with his eyebrows! Katy.................................Karen Allen Boon’s intelligent, sweet and pretty girlfriend. Greg Marmalard.......................James Daughton President of the Omega fraternity, which is traditional and very conservative, like Greg himself. Doug Neidermeyer......................Mark Metcalf A mean and abusive member of the Omega fraternity who is also in the ROTC (A group of students who serve part-time in the army). Mandy Pepperidge......................Mary Louise Weller Greg’s beautiful and conservative girlfriend, who is the leader of a sorority (the female equivalent of a fraternity). Babs Jansen...........................Martha Smith Mandy’s Southern girlfriend, and a real "airhead." Vernon Wormer.........................John Vernon The angry Dean of Faber College that wants to eliminate the Delta Fraternity (A College Dean is basically the President of the school). Marion Wormer.........................Verna Bloom Dean Wormer’s wife, who loves to have a good time. Mayor Carmine DePasto.................Cesare Danova The mayor of the City of Faber. Clorette DePasto......................Sarah Holcomb The mayor’s young daughter, who agrees to go out with Pinto. Professor Dave Jennings...............Donald Sutherland An English Professor who likes to smoke marijuana with his students. Plot Summary This film is a very funny look at the US college fraternity system. Fraternities (or frats, for short), are found at most schools, and are generally conservative social institutions in which a large group of young male students live together in big houses. The frats are named after letters in the ancient Greek alphabet (Delta, Omega, etc…) and while they all have their own different personalities, most are known for frequent parties with lots of liquor. This is the story of "Delta House," a frat at fictional Faber College, in 1962 (It’s worth noting that fraternities became much less popular later in the 1960s as the political climate became more heated. Today though, they are probably as popular as ever). Delta is considered the worst frat on campus, with endless parties and a love for practical jokes that cause chaos and destruction. It is also a house that that accepts anybody, and thus has a wide range of crazy members, from the super cool Otter and Boon, to the school’s most socially awkward "losers." Over the course of the school year, Delta members continually find themselves in trouble, and in constant battle with members of the Omega House next door. Eventually, Dean Wormer decides to eliminate Delta House forever, and thus, the boys at Delta decide to leave with a final act of defiance that Faber college will not soon forget... Some Words and Expressions that You May not Know Larry and Kent look for a fraternity to join, and soon end up at Delta House. Take that beanie off. A tiny cap worn mostly by students. We’re supposed to wear it until homecoming. An annual celebration for alumni (former students) of a high school or university, usually held at the beginning of a school year. Don’t be a fruit, OK? A silly way of describing a strange or perhaps socially awkward person (This word is still used on occasion to refer to gay men). Omega membership chairman. Omega is the name of a fraternity (see below), and the membership chairman is a high level officer within the fraternity. Name tag hostesses. A ridiculous title!; The women responsible for putting name tag identification pieces on those visiting the fraternity house. A wimp and a blimp! A "wimp" is a common slang term for a person who is scared or does not have enough courage. A "blimp" is a huge airship powered by hot air (helium), though here it’s used as a silly word for a fat person. A lot of outstanding guys figure they’ll pledge Omega or they won’t pledge at all. "Outstanding" is a good adjective meaning excellent, or perhaps among the very best. In this case, "to figure" simply means to think or decide. "To pledge" a particular fraternity is to try and join it. I hate to seem, you know, pushy... A useful word for a person who is too aggressive or forceful in trying to get things, especially for one’s own advantage. Let the unacceptable candidates worry about that. In this case, Greg’s way of referring to those guys who are "not good enough" to join the Omega fraternity. No sweat; My brother Fred was a Delta. That makes me a legacy. "No sweat" is a colloquial way of saying no problem. "Delta" is the name of the "Animal House" fraternity, and a "legacy" in this context is usually the son or brother of a previous fraternity member. I’ll put in a good word for you. "To put in a good word" for someone is to say good things about them, usually to other people who could later be helpful. Grab a brew! "To grab" something is to forcefully or quickly take it. "A brew" is a still used slang word for a glass or bottle of beer. Chapter president. Note that most fraternities have "chapters" in various universities across the country. Norma? :: No, let me give you a hint; She’s got a couple of major league yabobs. A "hint" is an excellent word for a small bit of information or clue that can help you find the answer to a problem. "Major league" is anything that is serious or perhaps professional, and a "yabob" is a totally ridiculous slang word for female breasts. Beverly? :: No, but you’re getting warmer! A way of telling a person who is trying to guess the answer to a question or riddle that they are getting close to the right answer. Does this ring a bell? ‘Oh god, oh god...’ If something "rings a bell," it sounds familiar. Don’t tell me you’re going to pork Marlene Desmond! A totally ridiculous way of saying to have sex with someone. You’re going to hump her brains out! Another ridiculous way of saying to have passionate sex. I anticipate a deeply religious experience. "To anticipate" something is to expect that it is going to happen. A "deeply religious experience" is something that perhaps effects the way a person understands or relates to God. She’s downstairs, pissed off about something. To be "pissed off" about something is to be very angry about it. She thinks you’re an immature jerk. A person who is "immature" is not emotionally developed, or may act like a child. A "jerk" is a widely used insult word to describe a person who is either stupid, unpleasant, or obnoxious. Otter, you’re the rush chairman; You should be at the rush party. In this context, "rush" refers to the tradition of collage students to visit all the fraternity houses during the first week or two of school, to see which one they want to join. A "chairman" is a leader or president. That was Eric Stratten, rush chairman. He was damn glad to meet you. "Damn" is a common filler word used to show emotion such as anger, or in this case, excitement. "Glad" is a good word for happy or satisfied. Is that a clip-on? Hey, Boone, come over and check this out. A "clip-on" tie is one that fastens to a shirt, instead of being tied around the neck. To "check out" something is to look at it, often carefully. Legacies usually get asked to pledge automatically. "To pledge" to a fraternity is to officially join it. Unless the pledge in question turns out to be a real closet Fred. The pledge "in question" is a grammatically interesting way of referring to the pledge that is being discussed. A "closet case" is a funny expression for a person who is horrible, socially awkward or pathetic. We can drive up to your folks’ place this weekend. "Folks" is an old-fashioned but still used word for parents or people. Fabulous! My car filled with your beer buddies... going up to empty my parents liquor cabinet. "Fabulous" is a good alternative to wonderful or excellent. "Beer buddies" are friends with whom one likes to drink beer, and a "cabinet" is a cupboard or storage shelf, in this case for liquor. Hang around with a bunch of animals, getting drunk every weekend? "To hang around" people is to pass time with them, doing nothing in particular. I think I’m in love with a retard. A slang word for a very stupid person. Short for "mentally retarded," and considered by many today to be offensive or insensitive. "Pinto" and "Flounder" are accepted into Delta House as Dean Wormer prepares to shut it down. Cut the horseshirt, son. I got their disciplinary files right here. "Cut the horseshit" is a blunt way of telling someone to stop saying nonsense (like bullshit, horseshit refers to lies, distortions and nonsense). "Disciplinary files" are official records of those students who have been disciplined, or punished, for bad behavior. Who dumped a truck load of freezies into the swim meet? "To dump" something is to throw or toss it on the ground. A "swim meet" is a major competitive match for swimmers. Who delivered the medical school cadavers to the alumni dinner? A "cadaver" is a dead body, usually used in medical schools for examination. The "alumni" of a school are its former students. Halloween. The American holiday of October 31st, in which young children go from house to house asking for candy. Of course I’m talking about Delta, you twerp! A dated slang word for a small, weak or cowardly person. This year we’re going to grab the bull by the balls and kick those punks off campus. "To grab the bull by the balls" is a vulgar but funny colloquial expression which means to take decisive or forceful action. To "kick a person off campus" is to force them to leave school, and a "punk," in this case, is an aggressive, violent or badly behaved young person. Delta is already on probation. To be "on probation" is to be officially warned that any more bad behavior will lead to very serious results (In this case, that the Delta fraternity would be kicked out of school). Double secret probation! Dean Wormer’s ridiculous expression for a status or condition that is even more serious than normal probation. There is a little known codicil in the Faber College Constitution. An official word for an added sentence or clause to a legal document. Find me a way to revoke Delta’s charter! "To revoke" something is to officially cancel, reverse or nullify it. A "charter" is a document that grants rights and privileges from one institution (in this case, the university) to another (here, the fraternity). Put Neidermeyer on it; He’s a sneaky little shit, just like you. A great insult! A "sneaky" person is one who is always doing things in secret and thus can’t be trusted. A "little shit" is a strongly disliked or resented person, perhaps similar to an asshole, jerk, creep, etc. The time has come for someone to put his foot down and that foot is me. "To put one’s foot down" is to decide to actively fight against something that is seen as wrong or unjust. Here, Dean Wormer decides to do so, but note he should have said "that foot is mine." We need the dues! "Dues" are the payments that members of an organization like a labor union or fraternity make every month. Next slide, D-day. A photo negative that is usually projected on a big screen or wall. Just settle down!; This is Kent Dorfman, a legacy from Harrisburg. A widely used phrasal verb that means calm down or be quiet. OK, this guy is a real zero; That’s true. A funny way of referring to a person who has no good qualities. Think back to when you guys were freshman. A "freshman" is a first year college student (The sophomore, junior and senior years follow afterward, in that order). Everybody thought that Stork was brain damaged. A dramatic term for a person whose brain is physically injured, and therefore often not capable of showing normal intelligence). I, myself, was so obnoxious, that seniors used to beat me up once a week. "Obnoxious" is an excellent and widely used word to describe a person who is very disagreeable, offensive, or perhaps loud and aggressive. "To beat up" a person is to physically attack and hurt them. So, this guy is a total loser... A funny way of describing a person who has no obvious good qualities, or perhaps a person who is very socially awkward (such as a "nerd"). I do hear by pledge allegiance to the fraternity…. :: Amen. The first sentence is an official way of promising loyalty to the fraternity. "Amen" is religious word used to end prayers. Sergeant at arms, do your duty. An officer who is supposed to keep order in an organization. Weasel. Mothball. Pinto. Flounder. The four nicknames that Bluto chooses for the new house members; A "weasel" is a small animal, a "mothball" is a marble sized ball put in clothes to keep away moths, which are tiny flying insects. A "pinto" is a type of small horse, and "to flounder" is to move aimlessly, clumsily, or in a confused state. We now consecrate the bond of obedience. Nonsense words from a fraternity ceremony; "To consecrate" is to officially dedicate, a "bond" is a connection or link, and "obedience"is the act of being loyal, or agreeing to obey. Pinto, Otter and Katy have fun with Professor Jennings... as Flounder tries to survive Neidermeyer’s abuse. John Milton’s Paradise Lost. A very famous medieval Italian author, and his most famous work. He was trying to describe the struggle between good and evil, right? A "struggle" is a fight or battle. "Evil" is extreme badness. The most intriguing character, as we all know from our reading, was Satan. "Intriguing" is an excellent adjective for anything that creates great interest, perhaps because it is so mysterious. A "character" is a person in a book or movie, and "Satan" is the devil, or a very evil angel. He’s a little bit long winded, he doesn’t translate well into our generation, and his jokes are terrible. If a person is "long-winded," they tend to continue to talk (or write) for way too long. But that doesn’t relieve you for your responsibility for this material. "To relieve" a person of their responsibility is to let them avoid it. "Material," in this case, refers to the books they are supposed to read. Are you and Greg doing the dirty deed or not? :: Greg doesn’t believe in premarital intercourse. "The dirty deed" is a ridiculous and never used way of referring to sexual intercourse (A "deed" is any action that is done on purpose). "Premarital intercourse" is sex before marriage. Too bad, I think he is just dreamy! Another silly adjective meaning beautiful or extremely attractive. You fat, disgusting slob! You’re a goddamn disgrace! "Disgusting" means extremely offensive, dirty or repulsive. A "slob" is a very messy or dirty person, often called a pig, and a "disgrace" is a person who is so bad that they should be ashamed of themselves. A vicious mother, isn’t he? A "vicious" person is extremely cruel or violent. In this context, "mother" is a very vulgar insult (and perhaps short for "motherfucker," which is obviously even more vulgar!). Straighten that cap, and tuck up those pajamas. "To tuck up" a piece of clothing is to put it inside an outer layer of clothes (though note that "tuck in" is much more common). "Pajamas" are pants and shirts that are usually worn while sleeping. A pledge pin on your uniform? The official metal fraternity pins that frat members often wear. You’ll report to the stable tonight and every night at 0 19 hundred hours. A "stable" is a building wear horses and other animals are housed. "0 19 hundred hours" is a military way of saying 7PM. You’re all worthless and weak. A very negative insult, describing a person or thing without any value. I want you to fix Pinto up, but it’s got to be a very special girl. "To fix up" a boy with a girl is to arrange for them to meet and go out. She should be decent looking, but we’re willing to trade looks for a certain kind of morally casual attitude. A person who is "decent looking" is not beautiful, but at least average. A girl with a "morally casual attitude" is Boon’s way of describing one who would be likely to have sex after just one date. You want somebody he can screw on the first date! "To screw" a person is to have sex with them. A bit old-fashioned. Well put. You see, Pinto’s never been laid. "Well put" is a nice way of telling someone that they expressed themselves well. "To get laid" is a very common colloquial way of saying to have sex, so a person who hasn’t been laid is still a virgin. Hey, cut it out! An excellent and common way of saying "stop that!" Teaching is a way of paying the rent until I finish my first novel. The words of every struggling writer who must work for a living! Must be very good. :: It’s a piece of shit. A somewhat vulgar and very negative way of describing any book, movie or other artistic work. Would anybody like to smoke some pot? A slang word for the drug marijuana (along with dope, grass, etc.) I won’t go skitzo, will I? :: There’s a distinct possibility. "Skitzo" is a funny slang word for a person with two or more separate personalities, or perhaps someone who is just crazy. "Distinct," in this case, is noticeable, actual or real. Try not to drool quite so much on the end of it. "To drool" is a funny little verb which means to let salvia flow out of the mouth, often in anticipation of food. That means our whole solar system could be like one tiny atom in the finger nail of some other giant being! A "solar system" refers to a system of plants circling a sun. A "being" is any living thing (and not just a human being). For god’s sake, what kind of man hits a defenseless animal? A common expression used at the beginning of sentences to express emotion such as anger or frustration. I’ve got a good mind to smash your fat face! To have a good mind" to do something means to have the serious intention of doing it. "To smash" something means to violently hit it. Listen up, you nauseating pile of blubber. If something is "nauseating," it causes you to become nauseous or sick. A "pile" is a stack of things, one put on top of the other. "Blubber" is a type of fat, often found on animals such as whales. Your days are numbered here at Faber. If a person’s "days are numbered" they have days left before they must leave, or in certain contexts, before they will die. I want these quarters standing tall by 0 900 hours tomorrow; You got that? In this case, "quarters" refers to the living space of the horses, and if they’re "standing tall," they are looking good and clean (though this is never used). The second sentence simply means "Do you understand?" Endless trouble: Bluto, D-Day and Flounder kidnap a horse, Bluto starts a food fight, a plan to cheat goes wrong... and Wormer gives his final warning. You hate his guts, right? To "hate a person’s guts" is to strongly hate or detest them ("Guts" are the intestines or stomach of an animal). We have an old saying in Delta; Don’t get mad, get even! A "saying" is an expression or an observation of commonly used words. To "get even" is an important way of saying to take revenge, or to do something that punishes a person for something bad they did. Get it over with, Kent! To get something "over with" is to complete it as fast as possible. Just blanks, right? A "blank" is a loud shell that is put in a gun to give the impression of a bullet, but which is in fact empty and harmless. Holy Shit! :: I didn’t even point the gun at him! "Holy shit" is a colorful but somewhat vulgar expression used to express great anger, fear or other emotion. "To point" a gun is to aim it, or to hold it in a specific direction. If you want the homecoming parade in my town, you have to pay. A parade for the former students, or alumni, of a school. I don’t think it’s right that you should extort money from the college. "To extort" money from a person is to threaten to hurt or harm them if they refuse to pay. You’re using my police, my sanitation people, my three Oldsmobiles. "Sanitation" departments are responsible for taking away city trash and other hygiene-related jobs. An "Oldsmobile" is a brand of car. If you mention extortion again, I’ll have your legs broken. The act of extorting, or threatening a person, if they refuse to do something. This is a funny and ironic sentence. I’m sure I can arrange a nice little honorarium from the student fund. An "honorarium" is an official payment made for a service, such as speaking to an audience. A "fund" is a set amount of money used for a specific purpose, in this case for student projects. You better sit on that zoo fraternity of yours. In this case, to "sit on" the frat is to forcefully control it. I don’t want drunken riots in my town. :: Don’t worry; I got those boys just where I want them. A "riot" is an outbreak of violence by many people at the same time. The second sentence is Wormer’s way of saying that he has all the power he needs, and thus he’ll be able to control the boys in the frat. Can I just massage your legs? :: Will you leave? "To massage" a person is to gently rub or tap a person’s muscles in order to relax and make them feel better. Is this any way to treat an intimate friend? An "intimate" friend is a close one who can be trusted, and often with whom you can share very personal secrets. This is absolutely gross! A great little adjective meaning disgusting, repulsive or very offensive. I’m a zit! Get it?! A "zit" is slang for a pimple. "Get it?" means "Do you understand?" All right, you bastard, let’s go, right here. A "bastard" is a vulgar word for a mean, violent or offensive male. Otter, don’t flatter yourself. It wasn’t that good. A person who "flatters themselves" likes to think that they have done or achieved something very good ("To flatter" is to praise too highly). Food fight! Obviously, a fight involving the throwing of food! Probably a 707; Those babies can move across the sky. A type of popular airplane made by the Boeing company. That thing with Delta…has me a little distracted. A person who is "distracted" cannot concentrate, usually because their attention is being pulled elsewhere. God knows how they’ve molested women. "To molest" means to attack, often in a sexual manner. Speaking of boyfriends, Mandy, how was your date with Greg? "Speaking of" is a good way to start a sentence when the person you are talking to is talking about a general topic you want to discuss. She broke our date. "To break" a date is decide to cancel it. I just checked with the guys at the Jewish House and they said every one of our answers on the psych test were wrong. Note that ethnic groups can have their own fraternities. "Psych" is short for psychology, and is widely used on campus. Those assholes must have stolen the wrong fucking exam. An "asshole" is a very strong insult noun for a jerk, creep, ass, etc. Note that "fucking" can be used as a very vulgar adjective. Oh god, look what just creeped in. "To creep" is to move slowly on the ground, often on hands and knees. Note that a creep is a very unpleasant or bad person. What a shame that a few bad apples have to spoil a good time for everyone by breaking the rules. "A few bad apples" is a way of referring to a small minority of people. In this case, "to spoil" a good time means to ruin or destroy it. Put a sock in it, boy, or else you’ll be out of here like shit through a goose. "Put a sock in it" is Wormer’s way of telling Otter to shut up. "Like shit through a goose" is a totally ridiculous but funny way of saying very quickly. Clever, but never used. Have you boys seen your grade point average yet? A person’s grade point average (often called GPA) is the mathematical average of all the grades that this person has. I know it’s a little below par. One way of saying a little below average, or below what was hoped. It stinks! It’s the lowest on campus! The lowest in Faber history! "It stinks" is a very common way of saying that it is very bad. We’re hoping that our midterm grades will really help our average! "Midterm grades" refer to the grades that students get on midterm examinations, which usually are given half way through a semester. One more slip up, one more mistake, and this fraternity of yours has had it at Faber. A "slip up" is a bad mistake or something that is poorly done. If the frat "has had it," this means it will be eliminated or killed (In this case, at least eliminated from Faber college). Delta House has a "toga party," Mrs. Wormer decides to come, and Pinto almost has sex. I think he knows about the exams. A test, and a short word for an examination. We’re on double secret probation, whatever that is. A good thing to say when you don’t know what it really is you’re talking about. We can’t afford to have a toga party! A party in which people wear bed sheets like the ancient Romans, and a type of party made famous by this movie. I got news for you, Pal. They’re going to nail us, no matter what we do. "Pal" is another word for friend or buddy. "To nail" the frat is to attack or harm it, or perhaps in this case, to shut it down. "No matter what" is an alternative way of saying whatever. It’s not going to be an orgy. A party in which many people have sex with lots of other people. In six months you’re going to graduate, and tomorrow night you’re going to wrap yourself up in a bed sheet and pour grain alcohol all over your head. "To wrap up" something is to completely cover it. Where did he get the wheels? Tires, and a colloquial way of referring to a car. Flounder, I am appointing you pledge representative to the social committee. "To appoint" somebody is to officially name them to a position or office, though here the position is a ridiculous one just created by Otter. Food King. The name of a big super market (both in the film and in real life). I could get in trouble! :: That’s right, so be cool. In this case, "be cool" is a way of telling a person to be calm and smart. Vegetables are sensual; People are sensuous. In fact, both words refer to the senses (especially of touch and taste)\ and no matter what the dictionary says, both can have a sexual connotation. What a coincidence; I have a husband named Dean Wormer at Faber. A "coincidence" is the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident, although they seem to have some connection. It’s just a prank; I’m pledging a fraternity. A "prank" is a practical joke or some act that should not be taken seriously. "To pledge" a frat is to officially agree to join it. Don’t sweat it, sweetie; I won’t tell. "Don’t sweat it" is a colloquial way of telling somebody not to worry. "Sweetie" is a term of affection, like dear or honey. We’re having a little party….and you are cordially invited. "Cordially" means sincerely or warmly (A "cordial" person is polite). Besides, I have to go to the goddamn senior honors dinner tonight. "Besides" is a way of saying "in any case." A "senior honors dinner" is a dinner in honor of those seniors who get the best grades at school. Is it OK? :: It’s terrific. Another good word for great, excellent or fantastic. Otter, this is Sissy, my steady girl. If two people are "going steady," then they probably only go out with each other. "Steady" means stable or unmoving. Thanks, I got a lot of catching up to do. To have a lot of "catching up" to do is usually to have many things that one wants to do in a short amount of time (In this case, to drink a lot). Mrs. Wormer, I’m so glad you could come. :: Cut the crap and give me a drink. A very direct and funny way of telling a person to stop saying nonsense (Crap is a another vulgar alternative to shit). This is Hoover’s room. :: Oh yeah, it’s neat. A young person’s way of saying good, or more colloquially, cool. Fuck her! Fuck her brains out! Suck her tits, squeeze her buns. "To fuck a person’s brains out" is a very vulgar way of saying to have very passionate or heated sex with them. "Tits" are female breasts, and "buns" are the cheeks of a person’s ass (or behind, derriere or rear end). For shame! One way of saying "You should be ashamed of yourself." Don’t listen to that jackoff! Look at those gazongas. A "jackoff" is a fool, idiot, ass or jerk, but note that the verb "to jackoff" means to masturbate! "Gazongas" is a totally ridiculous and never used slang word for female breasts (say "boobs" instead!) If you lay one finger on that poor helpless girl, you’ll despise yourself forever. "To lay a finger" on a person is to just touch them. "To despise" is a powerful verb meaning to hate with great passion. You homo! A silly insult word for a gay or homosexual person. For Christ’s sake, Carmine, how the hell could it be my fault? "For Christ’s sake" is a way of expressing anger, frustration or other emotion. "The hell" is added to WH questions for the same reason. I’m going to string them up by the balls. A horrible visual image!; "To string up" a person is to hang them, perhaps by wire, and in this case, "balls" refer to a man’s testicles. You’d be surprised at some of the girls he’s had. In this case to have "had" a girl means to have had sex with her. What did you do? Human sacrifice? :: No, just some harmless fun. The act of killing a person in order to honor the Gods. Wormer puts Delta House on trial, and Otter presents the defense... This meeting of the disciplinary council will come to order. A "disciplinary council" is a group of officials who are supposed to determine if an accused person violated official rules or laws. "To come to order" is an official way of saying to begin. We’ll waive the minutes and proceed directly with charges against Delta Tau Chi. "To waive" something is to skip it or decide not to use it. The "minutes" of a meeting are the official written records. "To proceed" to do something is to begin to do it. I’d like to address these charges one at a time. "To address" an issue is to formally discuss it. In this case, "charges" are official legal accusations of illegal or immoral behavior. You’ll get your chance, smart guy. Now get on with it! "Let’s start immediately." For the 5th consecutive semester, Delta has achieved a deficient aggregate grade point average. "Consecutive" means one immediately after the other, and a "semester" is a period of time in which a school holds classes. "Deficient" means unsatisfactory, too low or too little, and "aggregate" refers to the total of all involved, so an aggregate grape point average is the combined grades of all the members in the fraternity. Third, that the delta fraternity routinely provided dangerous narcotic diet pills to its members. To do something "routinely" is to do it often, or on a regular basis. A "narcotic" is a strong drug which is often illegal, or available only with a doctor’s approval. A Roman toga party was held….from which we have received two dozen reports of individual acts of perversion... An act of "perversion" is one that is considered sick or morally offensive. It has a very strong sexual connotation. profound and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here. In this case, "profound" means extremely serious, and "disgusting" is an excellent adjective for totally offensive, obscene or gross. "Decorum" is an official word for good taste or polite behavior. Faithfully submitted, Douglas C, Neidermeyer, Sergeant at arms. An official and perhaps silly way of concluding a report (To "submit" something is to officially hand it in). The Delta House has a long tradition of existence to its members and the community at large. The "community at large" refers to the people who live in an area, in this case in the same city as the frat house. A frat could have "a long tradition of service…," but the sentence above is silly and meaningless. The court will now render a decision. The "court" is a common way of referring to a judge or group of judges. "To render" a decision is to make it and announce it to the public. Blow job! A very common slang term for the act of oral sex on a man. Hey, shut up, you assholes! A classic and common insult, along with jerk, idiot, creep, bastard, etc. Point of parliamentary procedure! A legal term used in England that refers to the official rules that govern the English Parliament, including when representatives within it are allowed to speak. Don’t screw around; They’re serious this time. "To screw around" is a useful phrasal verb referring to the act of doing something, but in a way that is not serious or thoughtful. Take it easy, I’m in pre-law, man. :: I thought you were pre-med. "Take it easy" is a common way of saying calm down (and in the right context, goodbye). "Pre-law" and "pre-med" are university majors that prepare students to go on to law school and medical school. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests… An "issue" is a topic, subject or point of debate. In this case, "to take a few liberties" with female guests is to engage in various sexual activities. You can’t hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few sick, perverted individuals! "To hold an organization responsible" is to blame them for an illegal or immoral act. In this case, both "sick" and "perverted" mean immoral or unethical, and both have a strong sexual connotation. Isn’t this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? An "indictment" is a legal word for an official accusation or charge, or in this case, a statement of strong moral disapproval. We’re not going to sit here and listen to you bad mouth the United States of America! "To bad-mouth" a person is to criticize or speak very poorly of them. I’m going to revoke your charter...and if you wise guys try one more thing, I’m going to kick you out of this collage! "To revoke a charter" is to cancel the official document that grants an institution such as a frat the various rights it had at the school. A "wise guy" is a loud, unpleasant or obnoxious person, and often one who thinks they are lot smarter than they really are. Otter and the boys take a road trip to a woman’s college, meet some nice women, and return to find out that Delta is finished... Hoover says that they won’t even let us enter a float in the homecoming parade. A "float" is a large car, truck or other vehicle that is covered with flowers and other decorations to use in a parade. Some stupid zombie gets to ride a pile of Kleenex down the street. A "zombie" is a funny word for a person who behaves as if they are the walking dead, without any emotion. "Kleenex" is a well known brand of tissue paper, which is used to cover floats. Son of a bitch, I’ll kill you, you scumbag, jerkoff assholes! A "son of a bitch" is a horrible or aggressive man, but when said like this at the beginning of a sentence, it simply shows anger or other emotion. A "scumbag" is a horrible, immoral, disgusting person. They confiscated everything; Even the stuff we didn’t steal! "To confiscate" something is to legally take control of it. Road trip! A trip in a car, and an expression made famous by this movie. I hear Dickenson girls are fast! How should I handle it? In this case, a girl who is "fast" is one who agrees to have sex quickly after meeting a boy. "To handle" a situation is to deal with it. Just mention modern art, civil rights or folk music, and you’re in like flint. "Civil rights" are basic human rights, and here refers to the political movement to give blacks civil rights in the 1950s and 60s. "Folk music" features songs about the political and social problems that people have, and is usually sung with acoustic guitars, not electric ones. "In like flint" is an expression which means to be successful at a particular goal. I hope I score! Oh, boy! Here, "to score" is to engage in some kind of sexual activity with a girl. I’m Frank Lymon, Fawn’s fiancée. Actually, were engaged to be engaged. A "fiancée" is a person who is officially engaged to merry. "To get engaged" means to officially announce that you are going to get married, though in the case above, it is essentially to announce that you are going to announce. She’s dead?! Did she put you up to this? "To put someone up" to something is to try and convince them to do it, perhaps by offering them money or other rewards if they do. "Sophomore dies in Kiln explosion." :: I’m terribly sorry, Frank. A "sophomore" is a second year college student. A "kiln" is an oven. I really shouldn’t impose on you. "To impose on" a person is to force them to do something, or perhaps ask for a favor that would require great effort. Would you go out with me…..and could you get three dates for my friends? Note that a "date" can be a romantic evening, or the person you spend that evening with. Hit it! Note that this can mean both "Hit that object" and "start the music." Oh my god, it’s dented! If a car is "dented," it has been hit by another object, and therefore has a damaged surface. I know what you must be going through. To be "going through" great emotional pain is to be experiencing it. What are you majoring in? :: Primitive cultures. When a student "majors in" a subject, they specialize in it. "Primitive cultures" refers to native societies that do not use advanced technology. If I was in your shoes, I d’ be... :: Leaving! One way of saying "If I were you…." Compose yourself, Otter. We gotta get out of here. A way of telling a person to calm down. What baffles me is why Fawn would have gone out with boys like that. "To baffle" a person is to completely confuse them. What is it with you two? :: I don’t know; Something is wrong. A slangy way of asking what’s wrong, or what’s the matter? Women; Can’t live with them, can’t live without ‘em! A silly but widely used cliché that captures the frustration of male-female relationships. Note "them"-----> "em" in rapid speech. Greg, I hate to see her make such a chump out of you. A "chump" is a fool, or someone who’s been easily tricked or cheated. When I get through with this thing, you won’t even recognize it. "To get through" with something is to finish or complete it. You fucked up! You trusted us. Make the best of it! "To fuck up" is to make a big mistake, or to so something poorly. To "make the best of" something is to try and turn a bad situation into something as good as possible. D-day takes care of the wreck, we report it to the police, and your brother’s insurance company buys him a new car. A "wreck" is a car or any other object that has been totally destroyed. Did you gentlemen see your midterm grades yet? :: They’re not posted yet, Sir. "Midterm grades" are the grades given for exams taken half way into the semester. If grades are "posted," they’re usually recorded on a public wall, with each student able to match their grade and student number. Mr. Kroger, 2 Cs, 2 Ds and an F. Grades are: A (excellent), B (good) C (average), D (poor) and F (failure). That’s a 1.2 grade point average; You’re at the top of Delta’s pledge class. Note that a 1.2 average is a D average (but still the best in the frat!). Daniel Simpson Day has no grade point average….all courses incomplete. An incomplete (or ‘I’) is the grade a student gets when he still has not finished the class work that has officially already ended. You’re out! Finished at Faber! Expelled! "To expel" a student from school is to officially remove them or kick them out. I have notified your local draft boards and told them that you are all eligible for military service. The "draft board" is a committee that tells 18 year olds whether they have to serve in the military (though these no longer exist today). If a person is "eligible," they are qualified and able. Out with it! A way of telling a person to speak up (and here, a cute play on words). In a last great act of defiance, Bluto, Otter and the boys decide to teach a lesson to Omega House, Dean Wormer and the entire Faber community... Everybody knows that Otter certainly had it coming. If somebody "had it coming," they got the punishment that they deserved. Christ, 7 years of college down the drain. Might as well join the fucking peace corps. If something goes "down the drain," it is considered wasted (A "drain" is the pipe under the kitchen sink). The "Peace Corps" is a government program started by President Kennedy in 1961 to help poor countries. Face it Kent; You threw up on Dean Wormer. If you tell a person to "face it," you are telling them to accept something that happened which is unpleasant or difficult to think about. Jesus Christ, what happened?! You look grotesque! A powerful adjective meaning disgusting, repulsive or horrible. Hey, what’s this lying around shit? Bluto’s way of asking "Why are we just sitting here?" Note that "shit" can function as a noun describing a general situation. What the hell are we supposed to do, you moron? A "moron" is a common word for a stupid person, idiot or fool. The war is over; Wormer dropped the big one. This can refer to the dropping of the atom bomb, or in a more general sense, to a major or decisive action that changes everything. Germans? :: Forget it, he’s rolling. If a person is "on a roll," they are speaking well with great passion ("To roll" is to move by turning over and over). When the going gets tough, the tough get going! A silly cliché that means when a situation gets difficult, truly courageous or strong people get to work to solve the problem ("Tough" means strong, or not easily weakened). What the fuck happened to the Delta I used to know? "The fuck" is added to WH questions to show anger, frustration or other emotion. Obviously, this is much more vulgar than "the hell." Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts? In this case, "spirit" is passion or excitement, and "guts" is courage. Kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this! "Kiss my ass" is an interesting way of saying "fuck you." "I’m not gonna take this" is a way saying "I will not accept this." Bluto’s right! Psychotic, but absolutely right! An important term that refers to a person suffering from psychological problems or delusions, though often simply used as a word for crazy. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could fight them with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. The first sentence is Otter’s way of saying that they must fight against the Omega fraternity (Note that "have got to"----> "gotta" in rapid speech.) "Conventional weapons" are arms such as tanks and jets, as opposed to nuclear and biological weapons. In this case, we have to go all out. "To go all out" with a project is to try as hard as possible. This situation requires that a really stupid and futile gesture be done on somebody’s part. "Futile" means useless, or without any effect. In this case, a "gesture" is an action that is taken to show one’s feelings or beliefs. To do something "on somebody’s part" is to do it for them. So how come you show up now?; I didn’t expect to see you. A very common phrasal verb which means to arrive. No kidding! They almost pumped my stomach. "No kidding" is a widely used way of saying that you are not joking, or that you are serious. "To pump a person’s stomach" is to force or suck out something dangerous that they have eaten or drunk (usually drugs or too much alcohol). You never made out with a girl before? "To make out" with a girl is to kiss, caress and do other sexual things, but it does not mean to have actual sexual intercourse. Yes, marvelous day, yes. Another word for excellent, great or fabulous. May I have 10,000 marbles, please? A hard, little round stone that is used in some games. This year’s honorary grand marshall, Dean Vernon Warner. The "honorary grand marshall" of a parade is the person who rides in the biggest car and is often considered the most important person in it. Get up you faggots! Get up and charge. "Faggot" is an insulting word for a homosexual. "To charge" is a military word meaning to move forcefully forward and attack. Ramming speed! "To ram" a wall is to run into it very hard. This may be an inopportune moment to ask Dean Wormer, but could you see your way clear to give us one more chance? "Inopportune" means inappropriate, or not suitable or correct. Robert Hoover ’63; Public Defender. A "public defender" is a local government lawyer who defends poor people who are accused of a crime (’63 refers to 1963, the year Hoover graduated from Faber College). Gynecologist. A doctor who specializes in female sexual organs. Killed in Vietnam by his own troops. Another word for soldiers. Sensitivity training encounter groups. A group of people who come together to explore their feelings and deal with various psychological issues, under the direction of a psychologist. OK, now you’ve really had it! "Now you’re really in trouble!" For God’s sake, they’re looting the Food King! "To loot" a store is to steal great amounts of goods from it, generally while with a large group of people in times of war or social unrest. Tour Guide, Universal Studios. A well known movie studio in Los Angeles, California. Senator. A member of the Senate, which is the upper house of the US Congress.
Animal House Possible Topics for ESL Class Discussion
1. Which character did you like the most? Who did you relate to the most? 2. Are there fraternities (and sororities) in your country? If so, how are they similar, and how are they different? 3. If you had been there and you had to join a fraternity, would you have pledged to Delta House or Omega House? 4. Have you had any teachers like Professor Jennings? 5. What did you like and not like about this movie?