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A Fine Collection of Cyberpals

I have quite a few friends and sundry acquaintances who have made their own presence on the web, including the fascinating folks below:

Dave Anderson: Dave is some kind of multiple processing computer genius geek. He is also a fearsome volleyball spiker, but he is probably better known for being the director of SETI@home, the world-famous distributed computing program that is currently searching for extra terrestrial life while harnessing the power of over 3,000,000 personal computers around the world. His personal site is here.

Kim Aronson: As I wrote in the "About Us" file of ESLNotes.com, Kim is "a webmaster extrordinaire and a credit to the Danish people." He is also the guiding light behind Soulweavers.com. His personal site can be found here.

Jeff Ceaser: Jeff is a deliberately provocative, amazingly accomplished and way out of the mainstream Rhasta-hippie-philanthropist. He is the founder and executive director of Diversityworks.org. He doesn’t eat meat.

Ehud Isacoff: This is one smart and loveable guy. He’s a professor of Cell Biology at UC Berkeley, and thus he writes papers with titles like "Three transmembrane states and sequence-dependent displacement of the S4 domain in Shaker K+ channel gating." And yet despite that, he’s completely approachable, and is in fact a stellar pitcher in softball. His professional page, which fails to mention this athletic brilliance, is here.

Robert Marks: I have known Robert since 1982. Actually, I haven’t seen him since 1983, but hey, we keep in touch. In any case, he is now a professor in Israel, where he studies mushrooms, fungi and other weird stuff. His professional site is here.

Tim Miller: Tim is the finest demographer that I have ever known, and the husband of Marisa Arollo, the linguistically fossilized but wonderful Chilean woman who introduced me to Wendy. His professional site is here.

Rory Litwin: Rory is a colleague from my days as a student of library and information sciences. He is the sole power behind LibraryJuice, which often brings news of radical libraianship to a troubled and staid profession. His personal site is here.

Wendy Lo: Wendy is my wonderful Chinese significant other who I married in the back seat of a 1996 Chevy Corsica on the Las Vegas strip. She is also the founder and chief seamstress extraordinaire of SewMuchTheBetter.com. She has yet to master the 3rd person, plural or possessive S.

Tom Rainey: Tom is a kind and gentle soul, a loony-tunes socialist of the first order, and the raw guiding light and visionary behind Bushoncrack.com.

Alison Rogers: Actually, just a friend of a friend who I've never met, but the creator of thefelixes.com, which is a very cool site. She is the only person who has ever specifically asked that I link to her just so she can get a higher Google rating, and in so doing, I feel utterly devious and liberated.

David Ulansy: David is a soft-spoken and mysterious professor of religious studies at the New School in San Francisco, and the only person who has lived in my Berkeley apartment building longer than me. His personal site is here.

Andrew Weintraub: I have known Andrew since my undergrad days at UC Santa Barbara in the early 1980s. He is an ethnomusicologist of the highest caliber, a distinguished professor of Music at the university of Pittsburgh, and the only person on this list who appreciates the music of my grandfather, the noted Austrian Jewish composer Ernst Toch. His personal site is here.

Ken Weingart: Ken is also a friend from my days at Santa Barbara, and a head shot photographer of the highest order. His professional site is here.