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Law and Librarianship

It's true that I graduated from law school at UC Berkeley in 1992, and that I passed the Bar, and that I even practiced a bit of immigration and refugee law that first year out. In fact, I still love the intellectual challenges of certain fields, such as Constitutional and International Law. But several years later, it's also clear that I somehow forgot to have a legal career.

Alas, I am not really familiar with any of the major law firms. I have not been part of that world. So when people ask, I tell them that I contract out to Emerson, Lake and Palmer. This gives me the integrity that I need without having to put in the hours.....

In Spring 1999, I completed a Masters in Library and Information Sciences at San Jose State University. I focused on the Internet and related legal issues, and so naturally, I have ended up back at the Boalt Law Library, working part time as a legal research commando. This gives me the integrity I need without having to sing with Emerson, Lake and Palmer.