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A Personal Ad that Captures the Early 90s Me

This was the first and last personal that I ever placed;
It ran in the East Bay Express sometime in 1990.

INSATIABLE KNOWLEDGE hound who is considering going on Jeopardy under heavy doses of Inderal, single, white Jewish male, 30, 5’11", 170, law student at Cal (with no lawyerly ambitions), pretty good looking infracaniophile and chronic contemplator of the ever-shifting zeitgeist, very much into languages (currently French, Spanish and English phrasal verbs), all things foreign, history, participatory sports, travel, Einstein, Paris, maps (often spend my time wondering which countries have diplomatic relations with each other; Albania-Bolivia?!), The Beatles, Dylan, 10,000 Maniacs, Akbar and Jeff; with totally cool Berkeley apartment with walls that address the issues, who has garden variety ergophobia but is financially stable and thus filled with the inherent contradictions and intellectual guilt of being slothlike while leaning toward decentralized socialistic civil libertarian utilitarian internationalism; very sensitive, witty, romantic, educated, somewhat shy, basically confused and all-around inimitable, healthy, nonsmoking, vasectomized dude, seeks attractive, warm, playful, adventurous, 18-35 year old female with good sense of humor, a curious mind and the clarity of purpose to look at this ad and boldly respond with the tingly apprehension of an impending home-cooked dinner with the enigma in question. Please write; photo appreciated (will reciprocate before supper). 44005 (Box)