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Raymond Weschler

People say that if you have your own web site, you should "define yourself." So, just below, you'll find various links, in a modest attempt to do so. They lead to a broad array of interests and pursuits, and thus if you choose to explore, you'll get a good feel for what I've been up to, at least since the early web years.


Musings on the Tongue: If you're reading this page, you may already be familiar with ESLNotes.com The roots of this endeavor are found in my frequent forays into the teaching of English as a Second Language, and my general appreciation of all things linguistic.

International Adventures: This is where you get to see how a passion for foreign intrigue has played out in my personal life. A tale of romance and history, from Guangzhou to Vegas.

Fertile Achievements: A brief look into my career as a successful ghost-writer. 400,000 sold, and sales still climbing…

Law and Librarianship: These are my two most recent academic endeavors, pursued with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Sometimes, I have even used what I learned in the real world!

Softball---Cybersport of the East Bay Peoples: There is constant talk about cyberspace as a medium for creating "community." Well, here, with foundations based in a love for the game, organizational acumen and a brazen willingness to write a really large amount of email distributed drivel, is a true cyber-community in every sense of the word. Five years and counting into a season that will not end....

Odds n' ends: Some things that I feel like posting don't fit into neat little categories. They include:

My Relatively Non-dysfunctional Family

A Personal Ad that Captures the Early 90s Me

A Few Links to the Web Sites of Friends and Aquaintences

"Coming One Day"

A Professional Resume

A Random Selection of Fairly Interesting Academic Papers