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The web is filled with great sites that deal with both English as a Second Language, and the world of film. Among the most useful are the following:

ESL Related:

    Dave’s ESL café: This is probably the best and most content rich ESL site on the web, with individual pages for everything from slang vocabulary to job postings for teachers. Like, a true labor of love!

    ESL links for Dave’s ESL café: Why reinvent the wheel? This is the most comprehensive list of esl-related links that I have seen on the web.

    Optima Books: This is a small Berkeley, California publisher that specializes in ESL books on slang vocabulary.

    The Internet TESL Journal: This is the premiere online publication in the field. It features an impressive assortment of academic articles related to English language teaching, as well as an enormous selection of ESL-related links for both students and teachers. A good site for learning English with many different strategies, brought to you by the greatest ESL students in all of Poland!

    The Merriam Webster Dictionary: Although this is not an ESL site per se, for both native English and ESL speakers, this dictionary is one of the best available in either hard copy or online.

    Eflweb - The Magazine for teachers and students of English: We have articles, information, teaching jobs and resources, and practice materials for people teaching or learning English as a foreign language, EFL, or as a second language, ESL. English teachers and students will find that this site includes material, which is also covered by the terms ELT, ESOL, TESOL, TESL, TEFL. A free, comprehensive ESL Site including forums, realtime chat, jobs, grammar, helplines, multi-lingual content and lots of other useful stuff.

Movie Related:

    The Internet Movie Database: A true joy for movie lovers! A comprehensive guide to virtually every movie ever made, with detailed information on the plot, cast, and awards won by each film, as well a large selection of movie reviews and other fun stuff. A large selection of movies to buy, with both VCR and DVD format.

    The Script Shop: An excellent place to buy movie screenplays (scripts), with perhaps the widest selection available on the web. However, be aware that a screenplay is not the actual dialog that ends up in the film, and in fact there are usually big differences between the two.

    Drew’s Script-o-Rama: This site offers scripts that can be downloaded directly for free. In addition, it also has access to a few transcripts, which are the word-for-word dialog that is in the actual movie.

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